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Deleting transactions in Sage 50 isn’t a complicated process. All you have to do is to access the transaction from the transaction menu and then terminate the transaction from there. Furthermore, if the transaction is linked with a different transaction, you first delete the linked transaction to remove the original one.

Continue reading this blog if you need in-depth knowledge to delete transactions on Sage 50.

Points You Must Consider Before You Delete Transactions on Sage 50

Before moving further to deleting transactions in Sage 50, you must go through the following points.

  1. Ensure you have created the backup of the Sage 50 accounting software.
  2. No tasks are permitted within the work orders included in Sage Batch Controller.
  3. Verify that the delivery notes seen in the Sage controller must be upgraded to invoicing.
  4. You may remove a transaction using Cash Management only when it is listed within the Cash Management.
  5. Once you have removed the transaction, the original accounting data can be utilized to reverse the entry.
  6. If you have inserted any transactions via the Setup assistant Process and the transaction is removed. No reverse entry would be posted to General Ledger in that scenario.
  7. For instance, if you terminate the bank transfer, you will see that both ends and the relevant bank account will be removed.

Detailed Procedure to Delete Transactions on Sage 50

Here, we have listed the proper instructions to remove transactions on Sage 50 easily.

  1. In the first stage, move to the Task Menu and hit the Edit Register option.
  2. Afterwards, you must choose the bank account of your preference from the list of options available.
  3. Once you get the account name, tap on OK and move further.
  4. Now, for deleting the transaction, look for it in the row which is matching with the transaction.
  5. You have to tap on the transaction to delete.
  6. Consequently, you will get a black arrow for the transaction.
  7. Next, right-click on the transaction and opt for the Delete Row option.
  8. Eventually, you will get a pop-up message on your screen. Herein, hit the Yes option to delete the transaction successfully.
  9. After that, tap on the Finish option and then hit the Start menu for printing the journal.
  10. Moreover, you may also add the reversing entries in the Cash Management along with General Ledger.
  11. Once you have successfully deleted the entries, you should also remove the bank balances.

Summing It Up!!

Hopefully, we assure you that you can easily delete transactions on Sage 50 using the above-mentioned steps. However, if you get stuck at any point, communicate with our professionals through a live chat facility for a quick resolution. Moreover, you may also get help by sending an email to our highly-experienced experts, including your query to fix the error.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have discussed some simple steps to remove multiple transactions in Sage 50.

  • In the beginning, prepare the backup of the company file and then opt for the “Invoice List or Sales Order” from the left pane.
  • After this, look for the Suppliers module and move to the links pane.
  • Next, you must tap on the Purchase Order list that you wish to delete.
  • Finally, click the Delete button and select Yes to shut down the module.

To delete the payment, you must terminate the transactions you need to sign-in from other users out of Sage 50. After this, move to the navigation bar and hit the Transactions option. Next, you must pick the transaction you wish to remove and opt for the Delete button to end the program.

Yes, it is possible to delete transactions in Sage 50 from reports, activity windows and lists. For that, you have to open Settings and then tap on Company Preferences option. After this, you must pick the parameter and then select the checkbox next to “Deleted transactions”. Finally, hit the Ok button.

The users are supposed to delete a particular transaction to delete the transactions. However, all users must log out from the Sage 50 application to move ahead. After this, hit on the navigation bar and then on the Transactions option. Now, you must pick the transaction you wish to delete and then opt for the Delete button to accomplish the task.

The users can make the account inactive when there are no transactions linked to Sage 50. For that, apply the steps given below.

  1. Initially, move to the Maintain menu and then hit on Charts of Accounts.
  2. As a result, it will open the Maintain Charts of Accounts window.
  3. Add the account ID that you wish to make inactive.
  4. For viewing the list of existing accounts, move to the G/L Account ID field.
  5. Then, mark the “Inactive” checkbox to the right of the selected account ID.

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