At, we believe in delivering reliable and satisfactory services to our clients and creating a transparent relationship with them. We keep our clients sensitive and personal data safe and secure, and we always strive to make our users feel more comfortable and confident while using our services. Your personal and financial data are completely safe and secure in our hands.

Your Personal Information: 

  • At, we don’t share your information with third-party websites.
  • We use the information shared with you to elaborate our services to other customers, and we will do that in a way that doesn’t define you.
  • We maintain the history of your information and all types of services you use. We keep the statistical data and share the same at regular intervals to ensure a better user experience.
  • We only use your personal and financial information to share reliable services and provide a customized set of solutions that provides a best-user experience.
  • As soon as we get your personal accounting information, such as your credit card number, we will encrypt it.

Information That We Asked From You

  • Your details: Phone number, email address, credit card number, name and billing address, etc. We will ask you for these details for sales, support, payment, and registration concerns.
  • Account & Order Details: We will need these types of details as a part of the services we deliver for you.
  • Your feedback, chats, reviews and demographic information of your business.

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