Sage 50 Activation Error
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Sage 50 is one of the foremost accounting applications preferred by most small and medium business enterprises to manage their finances. Sage 50 is a user-friendly application that can be easily downloaded and installed on your system after subscribing to the account application. However, users sometimes face common issues installing the Sage 50 application where the application shows an error in the activation process. This is commonly referred to as the Sage 50 Activation error, in which users need assistance as they are sometimes unable to understand or resolve technical issues in their system. Thus here we are providing you with all the necessary details regarding Activation Errors in Sage 50 accounting which include possible causes and how to resolve them one by one. Read the article further to know more about the Sage 50 activation error.

Possible causes of Sage 50 Activation Error

Before you proceed further to resolve any issues, you need to understand the root cause due to which the problem has occurred. Here we will list each and every cause due to which users are unable to activate Sage 50 in their system:

  • Sage 50 is being blocked by Firewall or any Antivirus in your system.
  • Any issue with the Actian/Pervasive database manager?
  • The time and date are not updated in your system.
  • Corrupted or damaged data path files.
  • Any technical issue with the option.Dat file
  • Inactivated Server.
  • Any issue with the “Domain Name Server.”
  • You might be trying to activate a different version of the Sage application than the one present on the server. (Sage 50 Activation Key Error)

Common Messages Displayed When Sage 50 Activation Error Occurs

The following messages are shown on the screen in the occurrence of Sage 50 Activation Error.

  • There Was a Problem activating Sage 50
  • There was a Problem with the activation key for Sage 50
  • Change your current Sage 50 Version

How to Fix Sage 50 Activation Error

You can follow the given measures in order to resolve Sage 50 activation error:

Disable the Antivirus or Firewall

You need to temporarily disable the Firewall or any Antivirus system installed in your system and then try to run the Sage 50 application again. If that doesn’t work, try the next solution.

Correctly Set the System Date and Time

Sometimes incorrect data and time in your system result in an incomplete connection or sync with the server, due to which you are unable to Sage 50. Fix the date and time, and afterward, try to run Sage 50 again.

Fix the Corrupted or Damaged Data Path Files.

The possible reason why you are unable to activate Sage 50 is due to damaged data files. For that, you need to move data files to another location. You first need to locate the data path files. Once you have located the Data Path folder, you need to find select the following files and rename them:

  • .LCK (all files with the LCK extension)
  • .PTL (all files with the PTL extension)
  • Entitlements.xml
  • SoftwareInstallations.xml

Rename or move these files to a new folder. After that, open Sage 50 and then try to manually activate the Sage 50 accounting application.

Locate Sage 50 Data Path Files

Data Path

  • Open Sage 50 and then select the file option from the top. Choose “Open Company.”
  • Now open the full directory.
  • In the directory path, you can remove the company name, which will give you the data path.

Locate Program Path

  • Right-click the Sage icon and then select properties.
  • From the properties, select “Open File Location,” which will open the company path.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Actian

In case of any issue with the database manager, you need to uninstall the Actian and afterward reinstall it to resolve the Sage 50 activation error:

Uninstall Actian

  • Press “Window+R” and type “AppWiz.cpl” and then click OK. This will open the program and features.
  • From there, you can select Actian PSQL and then uninstall it.
  • Once you have uninstalled Actian, you need to remove all remaining files and folders for which you need to open the “C “drive.
  • There if you find any folder marked as “pvsw and pvswarch.” Also, delete the file “ActianZen_v_install.log.”
  • Now select the “Windows” folder in the C drive. Select the pvsw.log and then delete it.

Fix Sage 50 Activation Key Error

This occurs when you are trying to activate another version of the Sage accounting application than the one present on the server. Follow the given steps to resolve this issue:
You need to browse the INI files located on the following path:

  • C:\ProgramData\Sage\Peachtree
  • There, you need to open the file Peachtree###.ini where ### will be the code of the version of Sage 50 you are activating.
  • In the files at the bottom, you can find the serial number (SerialNo=). Here you need to change the serial number. Make sure you do not leave any space after the “=” sign.
  • Now, go to the file and click Save.


From the above discussion, we hope that we have provided you with enough information regarding Sage 50 Activation and given you all the measures through which you can resolve it. In case you need further assistance to fix the Activation Error of Sage, you can contact us at the number given below. After dialing the number, you will be connected immediately to a customer support executive who can provide you with an instant solution to not only the Sage 50 Activation error but also any other issue you are dealing with the Sage accounting application. You can also ping us on the live chat option with your issue, to which we will revert asap with the possible solution.

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