is a Company of highly trained and skilled experts providing help related to troubleshoot the issues related to troubleshoot accounting and bookkeeping issues. By browsing our website, you agree to our terms and conditions. You can stop using our services if you have any issues with the points mentioned in our terms and conditions section. You must keep checking our terms and conditions page, and as required, we make necessary changes in our terms and conditions agreement.

Through our website, you can avail incredible accounting, bookkeeping/ payroll and other services, and you will be charged only for what you get. Our team of experts is available 24*7 at the help desk to provide a comprehensive consultation to help you manage your business activities easily.

This agreement describes the terms and conditions of our products and services mentioned on your website. Payments for the services delivered to you by our team will be charged in US dollars, and we will charge the fees only for those who subscribe and shares the payment details.

1. Transactions covered in our T&C: By signing our terms & conditions, will undertake the specified work, and thereon, you have to pay the duty as outlined in estimation, unless agreed in a written agreement.

2. Tasks are undertaken: Sometimes, we may carry out some additional or subsequent work which might be reasonably necessary to complete the assigned task.

3. Our core duties: We will implement our professional skills and diligence to undertake the required task and update you regularly about the progress. If we give you a bit of advice based on the assumptions and qualifications, then we will only update you about the same at that moment.

4. Your responsibilities: You must make yourself available and ready to follow the instructions we provided. You have to advise you about how we maintain contact with you. You must comply with our obligations under the agreement, including payments made from our accounts and payments to us for the services.

5. Our specialized and experienced team: Our supervisor and experts will be responsible for accomplishing your tasks and resolving your queries. Our appropriate qualified staff will perform the particular tasks under supervision.

6. Goods & Services Tax (GST): The government has introduced GST, which also applies to our supply of accounting services. We generally include the GST in outlays and disbursements, and our estimates and pricing quotes in our agreement are exclusive of GST.

7. Fees & Charges Estimation: We put effort into providing you with an accurate estimation, but it should not be considered a fixed quote or capital. The charges amount may be higher or lower depending on the complexity and the time consumed to complete the process.

8. Additional costs: All the conditional costs to expert’s fees and GST, and you agree to pay all the reliable costs incurred by us, such as administrative uplift or charges to show the cost of providing these services to you.

9. Age Restriction (18+): The services we provide to you are meant for citizens older than 18, and our services aren’t meant to be accessed by younger people. Any material law does not disregard all the services and materials, and if any issue is found against the same, it will be punishable under the Government’s rules and regulations.

10. Indemnification: At Accountings.usmembers agreed to indemnify and hold the subsidiaries, parents, officers, employees, contractors and agents against any harmless for demand or claim that must include attorney fees along with the charges made by the third party for the violation of the said agreement.

11. Accounts and Interim Fees:

  • Users can make payments through a valid debit card, credit card, or PayPal.
  • You must keep a sufficient fund balance on your account to make the transaction.
  • Through online payment portals issued by in writing.
  • If you provide incorrect or incomplete details of the transaction, then we request you notify the same to us. In case if you fail to do so, it can lead to temporary account suspension.
  • If you are unaware of new updates related to the payment, you must contact your card provider to avail of uninterrupted payment for the services. Then we will continue billing you the same updates with your authorization.

12. Account Termination: We may suspend or terminate your account (agreement) immediately without giving you any prior notice or liability for any reason, including without limitation if you breach our Terms and Conditions policy. After termination, we will immediately cease your right to use our services.

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