Sage 100 ERP
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The Sage 100 ERP includes Sage 100 cloud which is basically an ERP software that is used by the company to manage business accounting tasks. With the help of this business management solution you can easily manage your business processes in one place so that you can spend less time on process and more time on growth.

Moreover, it also has the ability to automate reports and processes such as accounts receivable processing. Sage 100 ERP software also provides regular updates so that you can enhance the best out of this business management software.

Significance of using Sage 100 software

Are you unaware about the benefits that you can avail by accessing the Sage 100 software. If yes, then don’t worry and have a look at the benefits discussed below.

1. Provides Tools for Manufacturing and Distribution

Sage 100cloud is known to be the best solution for manufacturing and distribution companies as it provides the feature of inventory requirements planning. According to this feature, you can easily view the stick levels, open orders and materials requirements so that you can lead times into your planning schedule.

2. Helps to Automate Reports and Processes

Custom automation enables you to spend less time in importing data and running reports. With the help of Sage Task Scheduler you can easily set recurring tasks to occur on your preferred timings. Moreover, you can also set the outside payroll data so that you can automatically import or organize the daily accounting reports so that you are ready while starting your day.

3. Add-Ons and App Integrations

You can get the function or function of the Sage 100 software that isn’t included in it. For that, you don’t have to upgrade the software to the next tier, add-ons and integrations fill the gap. To use this feature, business owners may click into thein-solutions such as Sage 100cloud Payroll or Sage Inventory Advisor.

Moreover, you can link with dozens of third-party applications like Credit Hound to allow track payments or Sage Sales Tax by Avalara to help streamline compliance with sales tax rules and rates.

Understanding Which type of Businesses use Sage 100

The Sage 100 cloud is used by the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as their ERP system. Also, the small businesses such as startups can use the Sage 100 accounting software. If you are looking for the industries that uses the Sage100cloud ERP and don’t have any clue, go through the following points:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Professional Services
  3. Wholesale Distribution
  4. Chemical Industries
  5. Foods and Beverages
  6. Non-Profits
  7. Construction
  8. Manufacturers using discrete, repetitive manufacturing or customized fabrications as their manufacturing process.
  9. To tackle ecommerce, you must have integration with the third-party software with Sage 100 using eBusiness Web Services, making a Sage 100 API or a flat-file connection.

Discussing How Much Does Sage 100 Costs

The costs of the Sage 100 depends upon the pricing plans, upgrades, enhancements selected, including third-party add-ons softwares. Also, it provides you with an option that you can choose for many users you want the Sage 100 subscription and then pay accordingly. Also, along with this software, the costs of add consulting, customization, upgraded assisstance and training costs are added to calculate the Sage 100 ERP cloud software’s total cost.

The Sage 100cloud Essentials is one of the most affordable pricing plans which is followed by Sage 100cloud Advanced.

  1. The Sage 100cloud manufacturing is either a less expensive plan which is known as Sage 100cloud Complete or a full-featured plan known as  100cloud used for the manufacturing purpose. Whereas, the Sage 100 cloud for manufacturing plans includes warnings from Sage Alerts and Workflow, Sage Inventory Advisor, Sage Production Management, etc.
  1. The Complete version of the Sage 100 includes Sage 100 cloudAdvanced features including return merchandise authorization(RMA), Bills of Materials and Mobility for Barcode.
  1. To get the Sage 100cloud distribution software, the distributors can either opt for the Sage 100cloudAdvanced or Sage 100cloud for the distribution. The Advanced version of the Sage 100cloud also includes Essentials plus Purchase Order and Sales Order, Inventory Management, etc. This software includes all these features to the Advanced plan: return merchandise authorization, bills of materials, multi-bin.

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