Sage 100 Paperless Office
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The Sage 100 paperless office enables the users to set up PDF and electronic delivery options for all standard reports, journals and registers. The main aim of this software is to improve the communications and save postage by emailing documents to your customers, vendors, clients and customers. Also, it improves the efficiency with easy access to the archived files.

This software aims in saving the paper by managing all the company and employees’ data electronically. Moreover, it provides the right data security so that you can safeguard the crucial company data from any unauthorized access or breach of data.

Setting Up of Sage 100 Paperless Office

If you are unaware how to set up a Sage 100 paperless office and are looking for proper instructions, then don’t panic. Instead, go through the steps listed below thoroughly for the hassle-free setup.

1. Enabling Sage 100 paperless Office:-

  • Initially, click on the Library Master Main menu and then opt for the Company Maintenance.
  • In the Company Maintenance window you have to explain the email server and tax printer for every company that you are using.
  • Afterwards, tap on the Library Master Main Menu and then on the Role Maintenance.
  • In the window of Role Maintenance you need to set up the accurate security and module options for the user roles in a paperless office. Consequently, it will impose limits on who can print and view tasks.
  • Choose the Paperless Office Setup menu and then click Paperless Office Options.
  • In the paperless office options window you have to mention which documents you want to save to PDF. With the help of modules, you can choose from Forms, reports, Journals, Registers and Period End Reports.

2. Steps to Setup Delivery and PDF Options

Now, you have to set up the individual documents type that you already enabled in Paperless Office Options. You can set up the options for specific documents and for all documents of that type in a company or module.

  • For the Setup of Journals and Registers:- Click on the Paperless Office Setup menu and then Journal and Register Maintenance. The window of Journal and Register Maintenance enables you to set up options for storing PDF copies of journals and registers.
  • For the Setup of Period-End Reports:- Firstly, tap on the Paperless Office Setup Menu > Period End Report Maintenance. The Period End Reports window enables the users to set up options for storing the PDF copies of period-end reports.
  • For the Setup of Standard Reports:- You are required to click on the Paperless Office Setup Menu and then Report Maintenance. The Report Maintenance window enables you the setup for keeping the PDF copies of reports accesses from all modules setup in the system.
  • For the Setup of Forms: The users have to click on the Paperless Office Setup menu and then Form Maintenance. The Form maintenance window provides its users with an option for emailing, faxing and storing PDF copies of documents.

3. Steps to Setup Default Email and Fax Messages

Move to the Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance. In this window, you have to mention the default message and subject text for your electronic messages.

For the Customer Setup

  1. For the setup of customers, click on the Accounts Receivables main menu and then tap on Customer Maintenance.
  2. Then, from the window of Customer Maintenance, choose your customer and tap on the Paperless option.
  3. If you have opted for the email or tax documents, you need to set up specific delivery options. Also, you have to set up delivery recipient information on the email and Fax tabs.

For the Vendor Setup

  1. Initially, click on the Accounts Payable main menu and Vendor Maintenance. From the Vendor Maintenance window, choose the vendor and then tap on the Paperless option.
  2. Now, from the Paperless Office Delivery Options window. Choose whether you want to print, email or fax PDF forms to the vendors.
  3. If you pick the email or fax documents, you need to set up specific delivery options as well as delivery recipient details on the Email and Fax tab. Then, hit the Accept option.

For the Employee Setup

  1. In the first step, hover your cursor over the Payroll main menu and then Employee Maintenance. From the window of Employee Maintenance, pick the direct deposit employee and tap Direct Deposit and then on the Paperless option.
  2. From the Paperless Office Delivery Options window, choose whether you want to print or email direct deposit stubs for the employees.
  3. If you have chosen to email the documents, add the employee’s email address and then tap on Accept option.

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