Sage 50 Direct Deposit
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Sage 50 is widely used for various accounting purposes by many small and medium-scale businesses. One of the best services which are offered by Sage is the “Direct Deposit” which means paying employees by directly transferring their salary into their accounts. However many people have concerns about how to use Direct Deposit through Sage 50. Here we will discuss how to use Sage 50 Direct Deposit and how to activate this on the accounting application. Read the article further to know more about Sage 50 Direct Deposit.

About Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit refers to the process of depositing/transferring funds from one account to another without the actual use of any paperwork. While making direct deposit transactions we use the electronic medium which allows the transaction to occur between two banks. The whole process is automatic and the only requirement is the initiation of the transaction by the person. Direct Deposits are commonly used for payroll in which funds/salary is directly deposited in the employee account.

How to start Sage 50 Direct Deposit (5step process)

One needs to follow 5 different steps from authorization of direct deposits to various others in order to start Sage Direct Deposit which is listed below:

Authorize Sage 50 Direct Deposit on your system

You need to sign up for Direct Deposit services for which you need to call at 1-833-603-0120 after which you need to follow the given steps:

  • Complete the Signup process.
  • Once you have completed the signup process, you will receive the authorization code
  • Go to the system navigation area.
  • Click the “Edit company information now”
  • Enter the authorization code and click “OK”
Provide your Bank Account Details

Once you have been authorized, you need to provide your banking details which follow the given steps:

  • Click on the Direct Deposit Arrow on Sage 50.
  • Enter your Bank Account number
  • Enter your Routing number.
  • Choose the Cash Account and Fee Account that you want to post on your fee and transaction.
Provide Employee Information

You need to employee information in Sage 50 Direct Deposit for which the process is discussed below:

  • Open Sage 50 Direct Deposit
  • Go to Employee and Payroll and then Employee.
  • Click on “View and Edit Employee”
  • Select the Employee’s name and provide their banking information.
Synchronize and Approve Banking Information

After you have filled out all the employee banking account details, you need to synchronize their banking information for approval. For that, you need to use WebSync Wizard.

  • To Synchronize Employee Banking Information
  • Select Service in Sage and choose WebSync Wizard
  • Log in through your Sage 50 Account.
  • Click “Next” and then “finish”

After that, you need to wait for at least to get Employee information approved. To check for approval you need to go to “Employee and Sales Reps” under the “Direct Deposit tab”. It will show Approved and a check box will be marked under the “Employee uses Direct Deposit” section.

Start paying your Employee’s salary with Sage 50 Direct Deposit

Once you have completed the Sage 50 Direct Deposit, you can now easily make payments for your employees. You need to make sure that you are submitting paychecks on time so that your employees get paid on time.

Set up Sage Direct Deposit Employee

Through Sage 50 Direct Deposit, you can set up another direct deposit account for an employee whose information has already been enrolled in the program. Upto 4 different accounts can established for any employee and the process for that is listed below:

  • From the Maintain menu select “employee and sales rep”.
  • Select the employee whose information you wish to add/modify.
  • Now go to Direct Deposit Tab.
  • Fill out the necessary details required which are account type (checking or saving), routing number, bank account number, allocation method, and other details.
  • Now repeat the above steps in case you wish to add other account details.

Various Sage 50 Direct Deposit Errors

Direct Deposit might be a smooth and easy service provided by Sage 50 but you might also encounter some errors while making Direct Deposit transactions some of which are below:

  • Sage 50 Direct Deposit Error 26
  • Sage 50 Direct Deposit Synchronization Error
  • Sage 50 Direct Deposit service not activated error.
  • Sage 50 “Direct deposit checks must be transmitted 2 or more days prior to the check date”
  • Sage 50 “Direct deposit checks cannot be processed”
  • Sage 50 “Direct Deposit Syncing has failed”
  • Sage 50 “Maintain Company Information”

Wrapping It Up

From the above information provided, we hope that you are now will be able to set up Direct Deposit Facility in your Sage 50 accounting application. All you need to do is authorize yourself, fill in your company’s bank account and employee account details and approve your provided details and start paying your employee. In case you are having a while setting up Sage 50 Direct Deposit you can talk to our professional through the live chat facility or by calling on the provided number below.

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