Sage 50 File System Error 3110
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Sage 50 File system error 3110 is the error that usually occurs after updating Sage 50 to the latest maintenance release. The error mainly occurs due to network issues. A server timeout when the system is waiting for a response from the server can bring forth this technical error in the program. There are multiple reasons that can cause this issue when running the Sage 50 application. To get rid of this prevailing issue, you need to implement suitable solutions for error resolution. Let’s start the troubleshooting journey.

Possible Reasons That Can Promote File System Error 3110

As we have discussed earlier, listing the possible reasons behind the error is crucial for the error resolution. Below is the list of the primary reasons behind the arrival of the error:

  • A weak or unstable Internet connection between the server and the workstation is getting the error.
  • When the client or workstation is waiting for a response, the server takes too long.
  • A damaged network cable is also one of the apparent reasons behind the concerning error.
  • When a VPN is being used or the server is being rebooted, you may experience this annoying error in the Sage 50 software.
  • Check if the hardware is not causing the network issues. Make sure that your network router is plugged-in.
  • Applications interfering with the network can also bring forth file system error 3110 in Sage 50.
  • Network Interface Cards in hibernate mode also causes the file system error in the program.

Best Fixes To Resolve Sage 50 File System Error 3110

Knowing the possible reasons behind the error is a step closer to the resolution. Now that we have listed the primary reasons behind the error, let’s follow some tried and tested solutions for the error resolution:

First Solution: Restart The Sage 50 Program

Sometimes, restarting a software program can fix a variety of technical issues. Close the Sage 50 application, then restart it. Also, restart the pervasive service to check if the error is resolved or not. If restarting doesn’t bring luck to the error resolution, you may try the next solution for the error resolution.

Second Solution: Check if Restarting Your System Helps

The next step to fix Sage 50 file system error 3110 is restarting your system. In the first place, you need to restart the workstation. Thereafter, restart the server and check the status of the error. If the file was in use during the arrival of the error, it is possible that the data file is damaged or corrupted. If the error continues, you need to perform the next troubleshooting procedure.

Third Solution: Repair Damaged Files To Fix Error Code 3110

In this method, you need to rename the file and run it to repair the error on the server. Before you proceed any further with this procedure, you need to create a backup of your data file to prevent any data loss or disruption. After that, you can follow the above-listed steps one after the another. By performing the on-screen instructions, you can accomplish these recommendations. If the error still persists, try the next solution to fix it once and for all.

Fourth Solution: Restart the Actian Database Manager

Restarting the Actian Database Manager can be an effective way of error resolution. To implement this procedure, follow the below-listed steps:

Step 1: Restart The Actian In The First Place
  • Quit Sage 50 on the server and on all workstations connected to it.
  • Next, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously to open the Task Manager.
  • Thereafter, go to the Details tab, wherein you need to select w3dbsmgr.exe.
  • Now, choose End Task, followed by selecting the End Process option when you see the confirmation box.
  • Moving ahead, go to the Services tab, right-click on the “psqlWGE” option, and choose Start.
  • In the end, you need to check if you still get the Sage drive sync error.
Step 2: Uninstall Actian From Your Server To Move Ahead
  • Firstly, close Sage 50 and all other instances to start. Alternatively, you can restart your server system. You need to ensure that all the users are logged out from workstations. If not, the changes made to the data will not be implemented in the company file.
  • Next, launch the Run window (Windows + R) to move ahead.
  • In the specified box, type “AppWiz.cpl” and click Enter button.
  • Moving ahead, choose Actian PSQL v13 Workgroup R2 from within Programs & Features window.
  • Next, click Uninstall option.
  • When you see the installation wizard, perform the on-screen prompts to uninstall Actian from your device.
  • Once done, reboot your system to go to the next step.
  • Now delete the pvswarch and pvsw folders located in the C drive.
  • Also, delete the following files from the C drive – pvsw.log file and PSQL_v[version number os Sage 50]_Install.log file.
  • Furthermore, remove the Pervasive Software folders located in the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders.
  • Again, using the Run box, enter and search for “regedit” and click Enter.
  • Now, right-click anywhere on your Desktop and choose the Export option to keep a backup of the windows registry. It will help in its restoration in case of accidental deletion.
  • Here, you can browse for “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software” and delete the Pervasive Software and PEYX489ZK.
  • In the end, close the Registry Editor to end this step and start the next.
Step 3: Reinstall Actian in Windows To Finish
  • On your keyboard, press Windows + E to open File Explorer.
  • Using the File Explorer search box, you can browse for C:\Sage\Sage50_[version].
  • Alternatively, you can navigate to the Sage 50 install location.
  • Moving ahead, go to the PervasiveMin folder and launch the “SetupGroup32_x82.exe,” and click Next.
  • Here, you need to agree on the license agreement and click Next again.
  • Thereafter, click on Complete and then on Next.
  • Now, click Install, and it will initiate the installation of Actian on your device.
  • In the end, click Finish and restart your system.

Summing Up!

The solutions described in this post can help you troubleshoot the Sage 50 file system error 3110. In case you need further assistance, reach out to our experts, and describe your issues to get instant help.

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