Sage Canada VS QuickBooks Canada
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Maintaining Bookkeeping & accounting processes is one of the most important aspects of your financial operations. That is why choosing the correct business accounting software can help you organize & automate your tasks, save precious time, and keep your business financials in the best-known shape. This guide will help you choose the best accounting software and provide insight into Sage Canada VS QuickBooks Canada.

Brief About Sage Canada & QuickBooks Canada 

About Sage Software

Sage is one of the best financial software in the market, suitable for medium & large-sized businesses with massive inventories. Overall, it helps users to organize their financial things & then simplify their day-to-day accounting-related tasks. The Sage works by creating reports & managing records and managing your business fully.

Overview of Sage Canada

Sage Canada is suitable for businesses with accountants & bookkeepers. In the Canadian edition, different products have different features & benefits. Regardless of the industry’s size or business type, it has something for every business. It can make every complicated business manageable and help you keep track of your reports, inventories, incomes, and expenses.

Advantages of Sage Canadian Edition

  • It supports the increase in investment & resources
  • This also represents data in an excel spreadsheet for a simple analysis.
  • Users will get scalability, flexibility & security
  • Provides access to information
  • The Sage application is user-friendly & provides customer assistance 24*7.
  • Offers improvement in operational efficiency
  • Consumes less time by writing manual reports.

Key Features of Sage Canadian Edition

  • It can do Broadcast invoicing quite easily
  • More than five users are permitted in multi-user mode with a license.
  • Users can modify their financial statements as well as their reports
  • Maintains Cash Flow
  • Offers efficient inventory
  • Option to pay bills online
  • Job administration
  • Consumers can open multiple companies

About QuickBooks 

QuickBooks needs no introduction as it is one of the best financial accounting software used by small & medium-sized businesses. This software is popular for maintaining their business finances. It creates an overall information report by taking your business data, reports, and records of finances. Therefore, this information helps the software to analyze and maintain the business. It works more like a management tool that does multiple things for you to save you time.

Brief of QuickBooks Canada Edition

The main reason for selecting QuickBooks Canadian edition is that it is the most used financial accounting software. However, the power is boosted by using third-party applications for trades & services, essential, and e-commerce. However, the features & benefits can differ depending on the edition & the version you are using.

 Advantages of the QuickBooks Canada

  • This software helps users to grow their businesses faster.
  • It focuses on your business & works smarter.
  • Maintains QuickBooks easily.
  • Provide access to employees for Payroll access.
  • Saves a lot of time.
  • Offers 365 days of customer assistance.

Highlighted Features of QuickBooks Canada

  • It maintains everything in a single place, such as Payroll & Accounting.
  • Launches Payroll on its own, which results in error-free pay runs.
  • Keep track of inventory
  • Get detailed information about your business
  • Mileage tracking
  • Keep track of your income & expenses for better management
  • Option to create & send smart invoices
  • Allows users to snap & upload a receipt from the phone to count deductions
  • Permits users to pay using different methods.

Similarities & Differences Between Sage VS QuickBooks

S.No. Sage Canada QuickBooks Canada
is Best For Medium & Large-sized, businesses Small & medium-sized businesses with the add-on payroll
Amount For Accounting: $3.75 per month
For Pro: $47.03 per month
Premium: $66.79 for two users – $117.94 for four users per month
Quantum – $350.00 for five users per month
A Simple Start: $10 per month along with the payroll of $ 30 with per month
Necessities: $20 per month with Payroll of $40 per month
Plus: Costs about $30 per month, along with Payroll of $50/month
Self-employed: $5 per month
Number of Users Accounting: Unlimited Users

Pro: Single User

Premium: More than four users

Quantum: More than 40 users

Simple Start: 1 user; 2 accounting firms,

Essentials: 3 users as well as two accounting firms

Plus: 5 users as well as two accounting firms

Advanced accounting: 25 users & 3 accounting firms

Sharing With the Accountants, It works smoothly for sharing with accountants. The user can maintain their Things and create & assign roles to the employees at various levels of usability. Customers can also customize their expirations and the lengths of the passwords. Also, users can customize their password lengths as well as expirations. This software is best for Sharing with accountants. Users just have to email The link to their accountant to easily log in to their QuickBooks account.
Popular It is less popular than QuickBooks, and QuickBooks is more popular than Sage among users.
On Scalability The scalability with sage is Decent as it permits users to expand their small or medium-sized businesses to a high level. The scalability of QuickBooks is exceptional as it offers multiple advanced features to use and benefit from your business management. The advanced features help users maintain the detailed report to be organized & maintained more simply.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Sage VS QuickBooks Canada:

The advantages & disadvantages of Sage VS QuickBooks will assist users in getting the best software they deserve. The choice is yours; you can choose any more suitable application for your business needs & keeps your financial accounting things.

Pros & Cons of Sage Canada


  • Users can customize their invoices & quotes
  • They can track their expenses
  • Provides various plans that address basic to advanced project management services.
  • The Project management is cloud-based
  • Multiple collaborations can be done on a single project.

Cons of Sage

  • It is less friendly when compared to other accounting programs.
  • The overall setup is difficult and not easy for the business compared to other accounting applications.

Pros & Cons of QuickBooks Canada Edition


  • Easy Set-up & easy to use.
  • Pricing is affordable.
  • Offers cloud support options & easy to communicate with third-party applications
  • Your bank accounts will synchronize automatically.
  • Function to manage money & Financial reporting
  • Better Accounting options
  • Entire suite of tools related to bookkeeping.


  • File-size related issues
  • System-crashing issues
  • Limited Customization
  • Some of the features related to business & industry are nowhere to be found.
  • Limited user access
  • Key reports for outside accounting are quite insufficient.

List of Businesses & Industries Using QuickBooks

QuickBooks suits all new & small businesses. It offers basic inventory management & introductory accounting solutions. You must be prepared to upgrade your system as your business grows or requires inventory management. However, if you do not have a large inventory or plan to keep your business small, then QuickBooks can be the ideal Option. Here are some of the examples of the industries that would benefit from QuickBooks:

  • Legal services
  • Medical Servies
  • Accounting
  • Retail
  • Self-employed Freelancers
  • Small to mid-sized businesses.

Industries & Businesses Using Sage

When you own a large business or a powerful inventory to manage, then Sage is the best option over QuickBooks. It offers more options for greater inventory requirements and provides various project management tools. It is not as user-friendly to master, but it has greater options for your growing business. Here are the industries that would benefit most from Sage:

  • A Wholesale distributor
  • Construction
  • Non-Profitable
  • Manufacturing Agency
  • Mid to large businesses with a very large inventory

Bottom Line

That was the wrap on Sage Canada VS QuickBooks Canada. As we know, both Sage & QuickBooks are solid options for business accounting software. Therefore, if you are deciding which account software will be the best for you, then you can read this article and decide which one will be better for your business needs. In the end, if you still cannot decide which software is best for you, you can sign up for the free 30-day trial that both applications offer. By doing this, users can check the platforms themselves and better understand what will work in their favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

QuickBooks Online provides a free trial of 30 words. After the free version trial, you must pay to access the premium membership. Aside from the free unlimited cloud storage, QuickBooks provides a wide range of features with its online subscription, and you can install and use the desktop version of QuickBooks for free.

Well, yes. You can download and use a mobile app to maintain your basic expenses.

Absolutely yes, QuickBooks online is a full cloud solution that can be utilized on any compatible browser on any system, whether PC or Mac and mobile devices.

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