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The Sage 50 software is also known as Peachtree software used by the small businesses to manage their daily business accounting tasks.

Also, it offers you the features of A/R (Accounts Receivables) and A/P (Accounts Payable), customer management and financial reporting. This software is available for all the industries including ERP, HR, Assets, Payments, Assets, real estate and construction. This accounting software is used to handle the accounting and financial tasks of the small, medium and large organizations.

Reviews About the Sage 50 PeachTree Software

Below we have discussed the positive as well as the negative reviews for using the accounting software. Check them out:

Pros of Sage 50 PeachTree
  1. The Sage 50 PeachTree is a user-friendly program which is easy to set up and especially for small businesses. This is so that the business doesn’t have to spend a lot of money to get training to access and set up the accounting software. Thus, it eliminates the cost of learning the software and can spend that money in the growth of the company.
  1. This software provides you with a 30 days of a free test drive so that you can check whether the software is a perfect fit as per your needs. Also, it walks you through the guide so that you can get a proper understanding about the Sage Peachtree.
  1. It is a reliable software that keeps your business accounting data safe and secure from any unauthorized access and breach of data. Also, Sage 50 software provides top-notch security features that safeguards your crucial data from getting into the wrong hands with the encrypted security.
Cons of Sage 50 PeachTree
  1. The mode of payment is not good because it only takes payments from cheques. You can’t make payments through credit or debit cards.
  2. Time tracking feature isn’t included with either of their plans.

Demo Of the Sage50 PeachTree

You can get the 30 days of a free trial period to decide whether the Sage 50 software is suitable to accomplish your business accounting tasks. If you aren’t aware about the procedure to start the free demo, then read the steps listed below thoroughly.

  • To get the test drive of the software, you may have to visit the official website of Sage. Then tap on the Take a Test Drive option from the middle of the screen.
  • Consequently, it will display a page in which you have to enter the personal details like your email address, first name, last name, and the name of your company/organization.
  • After entering all the details click on Next and then complete the process to begin your trial period.

Pricing of the Sage50 PeachTree software

It is important to know the pricing of all the Sage50 PeachTree products so that you can choose the product that best fits as per your requirements. The pricing of the Sage 50 PeachTree products may vary. So, to get you aware about all of them we have mentioned the pricing of all of the products so that you can make your decision wisely while purchasing.

1. Sage 50c Pro Accounting

This Sage 50c Pro Accounting version can be used only by one user. The price of this software varies between  $46.83/month or $465.95/year. It covers the features of invoice and bill tracking, automated bank reconciliation, inventory management, job management, expense management.

With the help of the Sage Security Shield you can safeguard your crucial business data from fraud and getting into the wrong hands.

2. Sage50 Premium Accounting

The Sage50 Premium Accounting can be used upto five users. The pricing of this software may vary between the range of $72.41 per month or $720.95 per year. It includes features such as job costing, advanced budgeting, inventory audit trials, multi-entity accounting, etc.

3. Sage50 Quantum Accounting

The Sage 50 Quantum Accounting can be used upto 40 users. The pricing of this software may vary between the range of $182.91 per month or 1834.95 per year. This software is basically used as an industry-specific option for manufactures or construction companies. It consists of all the features of Sage 50 Premium and more.

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