Fix HTTP 403 Error in Sage 50
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Sage 50 HTTP 403 Error occurs when you are forbidden to open a particular file on the internet. The meaning of Error 403 occurrence is that your Server is active, but you no longer have permission to view or visit the page because of being forbidden by the server. Here we will discuss various possible reasons for causing HTTP 403 Error in Sage 50 along with different possible measures to resolve them. Read the article further to know more about Error 403 in Sage 50.

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What is HTTP 403 Error?

HTTP 403 is a client-side forbidden error which when the user is forbidden to visit any particular webpage. In this case, the server knows that you have requested to visit the particular page but has refused to authorize you from accessing this page. There might be various possibilities for Sage Error which can arise from the server side or the client side. All the reasons for causing Sage 50 HTTP Error 403 are discussed below.

Possible Reasons for HTTP 403 Sage 50 Error

Sage 50 HTTP 403 Error can occur due to the following reasons

Permission Setting: A common cause of HTTP 403 error in Sage 50 is that you do not have permission to access a certain file or folder. This can occur when the website owner has changed the setting on who can access the page and who cannot or you have not logged in with the correct authentication credentials or the server does not consider you suitable to grant permission to access the file.

Corrupt .htaccess file: Although HTTP 403 error is caused due to permission issues, however, there can be a case with your server setting configurations in which a file with extension .htaccess gets constantly corrupted due to any virus or other various reasons.

New Webpage Link: You might be trying to open a cached version of the file while the original page link might have been updated.

Internet connectivity: Another reason for which you are denied from the server can be suspicious activity from your network. In that case, we recommend you wait for a few hours and open it again.

HTTP 403 Error Message

HTTP 403 Error in Sage 50 occurs when you are browsing the internet and are not allowed to visit any particular page. In case of Error 403 one of the following messages appear on the screen:

  • Forbidden-You, do not have permission to access the resource.
  • 403 Permission Denied: You do not have permission for this request.
  • 403 Error: Your Request could not be satisfied.
  • 403-Forbidden Error-You are not allowed to access this address
  • HTTP Error 403.14 – Forbidden
  • HTTP 403-Your request could not be granted.

How to Fix HTTP 403 Error in Sage 50

Various measures to deal with Sage 50 HTTP 403 error include file access permission and other measures. Some of them are listed below:

Clear the Browser Cache

Sometimes the reason that you do not have the permission can be your browser history due to which the server might not grant you access to visit the required page. Follow the given steps to clear Browser Cache:

  • Open the web browsers
  • On the top right corner, you will see three dots(ellipsis). Click on that option.
  • Look out for the option to clear browsing history. If not present then click for more option
  • Select the time duration for which you want to clear the browsing history and click OK.
Scan for Virus or Malware

You might be forbidden from accessing any site because of the presence of any virus or malware in your system. Run a quick antivirus scan in your system and delete all the suspicious files. Then try to open the file again in your system.

Login with new or correct credentials

Sometimes it happens that even if you have provided the correct credentials, the server does not seem appropriate to grant you access. In that case, you need to log in with the new/correct credentials.

Disable other extensions or Add-on/ Plugins on your browser or Sage Application

Adding extensions in any application might interfere with your browsing and other activity or due to their presence, the server denies access to you.


We hope with the help of the information you can now fix HTTP 403 Error in Sage 50. The main root cause for Error 403 is that you do not have permission to access the file due to various reasons. Above we have given you different measures to deal with HTTP Error 403. In case you need further assistance, you need to get in touch with our accounting team professional, who will fix your problem instantly. You can contact them through the mail, live chat or directly call them.

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