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Sage is one of the best accounting software which is used mostly by small business owners to check their income, expenses, inventory and also to manage their bills. With a user base of more than 50 million customers, sage accounting software is the number one option for small businesses to manage their accounts and expenses. However errors are a common issue while the Sage Software which might create a hindrance in your workflow. Here we will discuss all the Sage Error categorically along with reason and how to deal with them. Read the full article to know more about Sage Accounting Errors.

Various Type Error in Sage Software, their causes and How to Resolve Them

Various type of Sage Error which can be incident from installation to upgrade are listed below:

Sage Installation Error

Sage Error Error Message Cause How to resolve them
Error 350 “No Action was taken as reboot is required” User’s Access Issue or any update in the Antivirus Software Login as Administrator

Modify your antivirus to work along with Sage Software

Error 1503 “The Service did not respond” Microsoft .net issue
Error 1101 “Could not allocate a new page for database because of insufficient disk space in primary filegroup” MSIEXEC registration issue Open CMD in your system

Unregister & Register MSIEXEC again.

Install the software again.

Error 1304 Error <filename> writing to verify that you have access to directory Permission Issue Rename the file.

Check the permission of folder and file.

Configure permission on your data and program directory.

Error 1308 Source file not found Finally, reinstall the software.
Error 1334 Folder path has an invalid character Error with window registry file name Run as Administrator
Error 1325 Invalid short filename You don’t have correct window user permission Login to your computer as a different user with all the permission and install again.
Error 1327 Invalid Drive Missing Drive Letter If drive letter exist then update the system registry

If the drive letter does not exist then create a temporary drive.

Error 1334 File is Not found in cabinet drive You have previously installed or uninstalled Sage 50 account essentials. Delete the temporary folders.

Next, run %temp%

Select all the folders and delete them.

Error 1402 Could not open key Windows Registry problem Open Command Prompt

Type SFC/SCANNOW and enter.

In addition, Log in to the window as a new user with full administrator permission.

Error 1406 Could not write instanceindex to key You do not have correct window user permission. Login with full administrator privileges.
Error 1601 Data Access Components Error 1601 ERROR_INSTALL_SERVICE_FAILURE Issue with installation files Install Microsoft visual C++ and try to install again.
Error 1603 Fatal error during installation You do not have permission to access the area affected by the installing the software.

Faulty disk

You need to have administrator privileges to deal with error.
Error 1606 Could not access network location You do not have permission to access the area affected by the installing the software. Get administrator privileges and try to install the software again.
Error 1608 Unable to create InstallDriver Instance Issue with window registry or window user permission. Open Command Prompt

Next, type sfc/SCANNOW and enter.

Error 1609 An Error has occurred while applying a security setting. User is not a valid user. You might be a non-English version of windows.

There is no user in your system.

Create a new window group called “User”.
Error 1618 Another installation already in progress. Windows Installer thinks another installation is in progress. Disable the windows installer files and re-enable them again.
Error 1625 Installation Forbidden by Security Policy Issue with system access. Install the software as Administrator.
Error 1628 Failed to complete installation.

Failed to complete script based install.

Another installation might be in progress already. Delete the temporary


Error 1638 Another version of the program is already installed. Another installation might be in progress already. Delete temporary files.

Other SAGE Installation Errors

Error 1722 There is a problem with window installer package Error with installshield. No permission to the common file folder.
Open command prompt. Register and unregister MSIEXEC.
Error 1723 There is a problem with this installer package. Error with installShield Open command prompt.

Next, register and unregister MSIEXEC.

Error 1919 Error Configuring ODBC data source. ODBC is not correctly configured.

Error occur when you install Sage V25

Get administrator privileges.

Afterwards, delete all the temporary files.

Error 1920 Accounts Data Service failed to start Unsupported operating system Clear the temporary file folder.
Error 1923 Sage Data Could not Start You might not have the full system privileges.

Sage files are marked for deletion.

Press “Window+R”.

Type netplwiz and OK.

Finally, You will be logged in as administrator.

Error 1925 You do not have Sufficient privileges to complete installation. You do not have administrator privileges. “Run as Administrator”
Error 1935 An error has occurred during installation of assembly components. Installation files are damaged.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or above not enabled.

Windows are not up to date.

Check for Windows Update.

Press “Windows+R” and enter wuapp.

Enable Microsoft .NET framework from the control Panel.

Error 5100 Error 5100 Microsoft .NET is damaged. You need to download the Microsoft .NET repair tool.
Error 6002 Setup has experienced an Error Problem with the installation start. Close other programs running in the background.

In addition, clear the temporary folder and check internet connection.

Error 6034 Runtime Error


Error with the installshield. Rename the installshield files.

Sage Email Errors

Error/Message Cause How to Resolve
Sage 50 cannot communicate with your computer Program Please Ensure that your Program is not MAPI compatible. Make sure you are using the latest Sage Version.

Please ensure you are using a default Emailing program.

Sage Email Error 30:

Printer not activated when mailing an invoice or report.

Cannot Convert reports to PDFs

Have not selected Windows’ default printer.

Using the latest version of MS outlook or Sage prior to 2016.

Amyuni Document Converter driver used is not compatible with windows

Reinstall Sage 50

Run both sage amd email program as administrator.

Repair damaged PTR files or windows profile.

Your MAPI compliant Email has returned an error. Please try again Issue with MS Outlook.

Pending MS windows updates.

You might have installed MS outlook 64-bit version.

Troubleshoot MS outlook.

Uninstall Outlook 64-bit version and install the 32-bit version.

Run Sage as administrator.

Updates windows to the latest version.

Email/Outlook MAPI error Error occurs while sending the message probably due to multiple versions of MS outlook installed in your system. Check for windows update.

Run MS outlook as administrator.

Try to send files via windows.

Sage File System Error

Error/Message Cause How to resolve them
Sage “File System Error 3110” Connection loss between workstation and server. Use a high performance power plan.

Restart Actian or if it doesn’t help then reinstall it again.

Damaged Sage Data Files Outdated, missing or corrupted Sage data path.

Improper connection

Create a new data path for Sage files.
Sage File Error 100 File attribute is set to read only.

Issue with pervasive software.

Damaged files in company directory.

User Account control is enabled.

Clear the read-only file attribute.

Run Sage 50 as administrator.

Restart Pervasive software.

Reboot your system.

Repair damaged files.

Rebuild the data path creating a new folder for the company directory.

Sage File Error 3 or 95 Poor network connection.

Issue with share and security permissions.

Damaged userpref.dat file.

Repair network connection.

Restart Actian Software.

Delete PTL files.

Computer might go into sleep mode while Sage is running.

Sage Error 3012 Issue with Actian/Pervasive Database.

The LAN setting might have been changed to public due to which firewall behaves differently.

Restore the LAN setting to Domain or Public network.

Reinstall Actian.

Error 3000 Connection loss between server and workstation.

Network time-out.

Restart Pervasive software.

Reboot workstation on which error has occurred.

Sage Printing Error

Error/Message Cause How to resolve them
Sage “Printer not Activated error 20, 30, 41” Sage 50 blocked by account control

Wrong document converter is being used.

Right click on Sage 50 icon and click on “Run as Administrator”

Repair Email writer.

Select the correct Amyuni Document Converter 550 driver from the control panel setting.

Sage 100 Not Printing Issue with window update. Right click Sage 100 and choose “Run as Administrator”

Check for windows latest update.

Sage 50 CA Windows 10 PDF Printer Problems Printer not properly installed or the software not properly updated.

Do not have enough permission to perform the action,

Report you are printing is not properly formatted.

Check the printer is properly installed.

Reinstall the printer again.

Avoid clump mailing.

Sage Payment Related Errors

Error Cause How to resolve
Sage Exchange Error Incorrect credentials while making payment.

Your payment transaction is declined.

Insufficient funds in your account.

Network timed out and transaction declined.

Take necessary desired action against each cause like input correct information

Call your bank.

Sage Bank Reconciliation Discrepancy Discrepancy caused due to any issue in your banking account. You need to contact your bank.

Sage Data Errors

Error Cause of Error How to resolve them
Unable to open the company file. Usually occurs at the end of conversion. Disable any antivirus, VPNs or real time scanners.

Disable user account control.

Uncheck “Read-only” and “Hidden” files.

Restore a backup.

Check whether all the files are on the local drive.

Cannot connect to company data location. Network access blocked by firewall.

No space available on network drive.

No administrator privileges.

User Account Control.

No connectivity to the server.

Network Drive disconnected

Change firewall security settings.

Click Sage50 icon and choose “Run as administrator”

Correctly set the data file permission.

Remap the network drive.

Sage Data Corruption Power cuts


Other software interferences while running sage software and various other factors which damage data.

Install Sage Account on a different computer.

Check your software version and whether your system has the minimum requirements to run the software.

Other Sage Software Errors

Error Cause How to resolve
Sage Error Payroll Error 5006 Can happen because of a lot of MySQL notifications. Resolve the MySQL notification issue.

Disable any antivirus, real time scanner or firewall.

Pervasive Error Unable to connect to pervasive. Check whether data service is running.
Sage 50 Error 0X80040707 Pervasive database not installed properly.

Damaged Registry key

Damaged window profile.

User Account control or interference by the third party software.

Install Sage 50 again.

Create a new administrator window profile.

Sage 50 smart posting error This occurs when sage 50 is unable to communicate with the database. Close the Company and reopen it.
Sage Error AUSE001, AUSE002, AISE003, AUSE004, Sage Error AUSE005 Sage update services cannot be contacted, download failed, full memory on computer’s disk. Check your internet connection and free disk space available.
Sage Server Busy Error
Balance Sheet Out of Balance
Network Error
Drive Sync Error
Error while restoring backup
Incorrect Date input, network issue, multiple program running in background, administrator privileges Check network connection, Reinstall sage software, disable antivirus and other third party soft wares.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, from the above information you might have an idea about various errors which occur while Installing the sage and running it. From the above information we can say that common problems are administrator privileges, internet connection, Third party software interference. Thus we must say that you check all these issues whenever you start working on Sage software.

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