Sage CRM 2021 R1
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The Sage CRM 2021 R1 comes with many upgraded features that allow you to handle customer relationships across any business’s sales, marketing and customer service areas. Moreover, with the advancement of this new release, it comprises email authentication and improvements for editing capability. However, if you want to get more details about Sage CRM 2021 R1 and the latest features, go through this entire post attentively.

What Is Sage CRM 2021 R1?

Sage CRM was launched as a “GA” to all the Sage users. However, that won’t make it globally available for the users. This version mainly focuses on providing freedom to users to work on any browser of their choice.

Minimum System Requirements To Install Sage CRM 2021 R1 Seamlessly

System requirements are the basic system requirements that are essential to run the Sage CRM 2021 R1 seamlessly on your device. Go through the below-listed points carefully.

1. Ensure that your system must have a processor having 2.2 GHz.
2. You must verify that your system must have a minimum RAM of up to 8 GB. Moreover, it is suggested that 16 GB RAM is required to install the software successfully.
3. In addition to this, check that your system must have a free disk space of up to 16 GB.
4. Look that you must have an operating system such as Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard, Datacenter or Essentials. Also, check that you have the OS i.e, Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard, Datacenter or Essentials.
5. Web browsers that are supported are Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari for Mac users.
6. Besides this, you can also run the Sage CRM from the computer on Windows 10 with 32-bit or 64-bit and Windows 8.1, having 32-bit or 64-bit.

What is New in Sage CRM 2021 R1? – Briefly Explained

With the advancement of the Sage CRM 2021 R1, several new features have been added to make it more convenient for the users to handle your sales tasks, contacts, opportunities, etc. Read the pointers below to know more about the features added in Sage CRM 2021 R1.

1. Telephone Numbers as Hyperlinks:-

With the new feature of Sage CRM 2021 R1, all phone numbers will be shown as telephone hyperlinks. Now, you can utilise any phone-capable device or computer to make a call without manually dialling the number. Whenever you tap on the phone connection on a desktop computer, you might be asked to select the application like Skype where you wish to access the link.

2. Customizing Lists and Grids:-

The system administrators can now utilise inline customisation to edit the lists and grids. Moreover, it also enables you to look at the outcome of a change in real-time. The lists are displayed on the screen when you click on the tab within the context of company, opportunity, case, lead, etc. Whereas the grids are utilised to represent the results to look for the person, lead, and opportunity. Thus, it is reflected on the Company Quick Look tab.

3. Self-Service Password Recovery:-

This new feature comes with the Sage CRM R1 that allows users to recover the Sage password without consulting the administrator. When ever this feature is turned on, you quill see a Forgot My Password link is included on the Sage CRM login screen. To recover the lost Sage CRM password, apply the steps below.

1. Reach the Sage CRM login screen on your device.
2. After this, add the correct username within the User Name text field.
3. Subsequently, hit the highlighted “Forgot my Password” link.
4. As a result, Sage CRM will eventually send an automated email consisting of the password reset link to the email address linked with it.
5. Furthermore, you can now recover your password by hitting the Password Reset link in the email.

4. Technology Updates:-

The Sage CRM 2021 R1 supports virtual machines hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform. Also, it is compatible with the Microsoft SQL Server versions 2019 via CU 8 and 2017 through CU22. The improvements are made to enable easier platform development and to get the most out of the product.

5. Provides Support For Oauth 2.0:-

Now, with the help of this feature you can do the email configuration or Email management in Sage CRM to utilize OAuth. Moreover, it also enables you to link with the Outlook or Gmail mailbox.

Discontinued Features of Sage CRM 2021 R1

After the update of Sage CRM, users won’t be able to utilise some features. Therefore, to update you regarding them, read the pointers given below.

1. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI):-

With the upcoming Sage CRM 2021 R1, the function based on ActiveX has been removed and won’t be supported any more. However, if you have already installed CTI in the older version of Sage CRM, upgrading to Sage CRM 2021, R1, entirely eradicates the CTI.

2. Sage CRM Mobile applications:

Nowadays, the sage-implemented iPhone and android applications are continuously declining for the past few times. Therefore, according to the latest survey, Sage has decided to end the Sage CRM iphone and Andriod applications. Instead of it, the development efforts will entirely focus on enhancing the customer experience.

Wrapping It Up!!

We have that you have gained complete information about Sage CRM and what new features are included in this software. However, if you are having issues then you must connect with our highly-certified professionals through live chat facility for quick assistance.

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