Sage Pastel Error Code 20
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Most often, the users might encounter Sage Pastel Error Code 20 while accessing the Sage Pastel accounting software. It might take place when the service engine or service isn’t working appropriately. On the occurrence of the error, users will be displayed with the following error message indicating:

“Printer is not activated, Code -20” 

Further, in this comprehensive post, we have mentioned all the causes that might evoke this error and simple solutions to fix it. We suggest you review this post until the end to understand the error better.

What are the Reasons that give Rise to Sage Pastel Error 20?

Knowing the causes that might evoke Sage Pastel Error 20 is crucial to understand the error properly. Below we have enumerated all the possible root causes that might lead to this issue, which are as follows;

1. Sometimes, it may happen when the security settings stop Pervasive from running on your device.
2. Inappropriate installation of the pervasive is one of the reasons that might evoke this error.
3. Moreover, it might also arise when the licenses aren’t applied properly.

Simple and Quick Tips to Resolve Sage Pastel Error Code 20 Instantly

After going through the causes that trigger Sage Pastel Error Code 20; it’s the right time to move toward the troubleshooting part. Below, we have stated some simple resolution methods to resolve the issue instantly.

Fixation Method 1: Review Your Pervasive License

As stated above, using the inappropriate pervasive license might evoke Sage Pastel Error 20. Therefore, you must review the pervasive license by applying the steps below to resolve the issue.

1. Initially, go to the Taskbar and tap the Pervasive Engine option.
2. Afterwards, input the information regarding the engine i.e, Database Service Manager for Workgroup Engine 9.60.
3. Move to the Start menu, and opt for All Programs, followed by the Pervasive option.
4. Following this, head towards the Pervasive.SQL and hit Other Utilities.
5. Subsequently, click on the License Administrator option to launch the License Administrator dialogue box on your screen.
6. Herein., you will also get the list of applied licenses. You must ensure that Permanent License Type must tally with the Pervasive Workgroup.
7. You must also verify that you are accessing the appropriate version of client/server engine.

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Fixation Method 2: Start The Pervasive Service Manually

Sometimes, the error pops-up when the pervasive service is not working appropriately. Try manually starting the pervasive service to resolve the issue using the instructions below.

1. In the initial stage, move to the Start menu and hit the All Programs options from the given options.
2. Afterwards, opt for the Pervasive option and proceed to the Pervasive.SQL option.
3. Following this, choose the highlighted Start WorkGroup Engine.
4. Finally, look at the Taskbar to verify that Pervasive Icon is easily visible.

Fixation Method 3: Turn Off the User Account Control

We have listed stepwise instructions to disable the User Account Control settings here.
1. Launch the User Account Control by tapping its respective taskbar icon.
2. Afterwards, opt for the Never Notify option followed by OK to proceed further.
3. When you get the pop-up message for the confirmation regarding selection, hit the Yes option.
4. You must appropriately insert the Administrator credentials within the respective text fields.
5. Finally, relaunch your device to apply the relevant changes appropriately.

Fixation Method 4: Verify the Map and Drive Connection

Go through the instructions below attentively to verify the map and drive connection.

1. In the initial stage, move to Computer and then proceed further.
2. After this, you will see the map on the left side, and from there, opt for “Local Drives” option.
3. To look for the location, double-click on the same.
4. Next, you must verify that you are connected with a stable internet connection.
5. If you notice that the mapped drive isn’t available, then it is advised the mapped network drive is regenerated.

Wrapping It Up!!

With the help of this comprehensive guide, you can now easily overcome Sage Pastel Error Code 20. However, if you still need help with the same error, you can consult with our professionals through live chat and get all answers to your queries. Our experts will provide you with the best methods to help you rectify the error quickly.

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