Sage 50 Quantum Accounting
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Sage 50 Quantum is an extraordinary desktop accounting software mainly used by the manufacturing, construction or distribution companies. Also, this accounting software helps in managing the payroll activities. Moreover, you can also pick from payroll services including print-tax forms, e-filing and direct deposit.

Features of Accessing the Sage 50 Quantum Accounting

re are multiple features that the users can assess by using the Sage Quantum Accounts. To get you aware about all of them we have listed some of them; check them out.

1. Advanced Inventory Management

Using this accounting software you can keep track of what’s in your stock and what’s on your order. You can also review the quantities in hand and can stay at the top of the purchase orders.

Basically, the process of tracking inventory consists of a three-step process: add the item information for sales account, inventory account and cost of sales account.

After this the software calculates and tracks costs and quantities by item code regularly. Moreover, you can also adjust inventory automatically every time when you post for the purchase or sale.

2. Sage Security Shield

Sage Security Shield is a security suite that enables the small and medium-sized businesses to have complete control over the business identity protection. The main objective is to safeguard the financial information of the company from getting into the wrong hands.

3. Reporting (Financial Statements, Cash Flows, General Ledger)

You can have control over 150 reports consisting of those that are specialized for construction, manufacturing and distribution industries. Moreover, you can also access one-click reports on sales tax, payables, receivables, payroll, inventory, expenses and profits. In addition to this, you can also create new reports, search text within reports and can also apply filters for customized reports.

4. Job Costing

Using the Sage Quantum you can get a better understanding of all your jobs, projects and can know what you are spending and where. You can also take a look on how long your project will take to finish. Moreover, you can also get an estimate of how much money you earn from each job.

5. Payroll

With the help of this software you can easily manage and process the payroll-related tasks of your company. You can pay your employees on time without any further delays via direct deposits, paycards or via direct-deposit checks. Moreover, you can also do the advanced payroll tasks including tracking employee tips, managing vacation and sick leaves.

Reviews About the Sage 50 Quantum Accounting

Before purchasing this Accounting software it is essential that you must know the reviews of the product. Doing so will give you a clear understanding of whether the product is suitable to accomplish your business accounting tasks or not.

To get you aware about the feedbacks, you must read the advantages and disadvantages of using the software below:

Pros of the Sage Quantum

  1. Sage Quantum is a user-friendly software which is easy to set up and use. It is not necessary that the users must have proper technical knowledge to run this accounting software. Users with less accounting knowledge may also run this software easily to manage their accounting tasks with minimal effort.
  1. best part about this software is that it has the inventory tracking feature using which you can keep track how much stock is available and how much stock is on order. Moreover, you can also keep track of the stock that you need to re-stock so that you can order the new stock on time.
  2. It provides a secure platform using which you don’t have to worry much about your company’s data. Moreover, you don’t have to worry much about getting data into the wrong hands.

Cons of using Sage Quantum Accounting

  • payroll module that is included in Sage 50 Quantum is a bit expensive.
  • For the premium versions there is no trial available for which you have to purchase it.

Pricing of Sage 50 Quantum Accounting

Before purchasing the Sage Quantum Accounting, the users must be well-aware about its pricing. Knowing the price will help the users decide whether the product is suitable as per their budget.

  1. This software can be used upto 40 users.
  2. Price of the Quantum Accounting lies between the range of $182.91 per month or 1834.95 per year.
  3. It is primarily used by construction or manufacturing companies.
  4. Apart from this, this accounting software contains all the features of Sage 50 Premium and more.

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